Oxford University Bulgarian Society was established by a group of students in 1996. Its original aims were to gather the small minority of Bulgarian students at Oxford in a friendly and easy-going society, where they could meet each other in a relaxing atmosphere, away from the pressures of academic work, exchange ideas about life in Oxford and Bulgaria, socialise in general. Further aim was to encourage awareness of Bulgaria, its culture, history and traditions, amongst Oxford students.

During its more than a decade-long existence, the society has had a busy life. During the last academic year only, we organised a large-scale event to popularise and celebrate the accession of Bulgaria to full membership of the European Union on 1st January 2007, in the premises of Oxford’s biggest and most famous college – Christ Church. Members of the society took part in panel discussions with the Bulgarian ambassador to the UK – Dr. Lachezar Matev, and the European Commissioner for Consumers, Dr. Meglena Kuneva.

The society is keenly interested in pursuing its founding principles – offering friendly environment for socialising to its members, lending a supporting hand to any current/perspective/former Bulgarian students at Oxford, and promoting awareness of anything Bulgarian. In line with this we are eager to assist all official or unofficial organisations of Bulgarians with links to Oxford University, especially members of Oxford University Alumni Society around the world.