1. Name of the Society

1.1 The society shall be known as: Oxford University Bulgarian Society, abbreviated OUBS.

2. Aims of the Society

2.1 To encourage and promote a wider knowledge of Bulgaria, its history, culture and way of life.

3. Organisation

3.1 OUBS shall consist of Executive Committee, Senior Member and members as is set out in the Proctors' Memorandum.

3.2 A member of the University congregation shall be requested by the Executive Committee to become Senior Member. He/she shall hold the post either as long as he/she desires or until the Executive Committee requests a different member, subject to a vote of 2/3 in favour of the OUBS members present.

3.3 The Society shall at all times be administered in accordance with the regulations for University clubs as published in the current edition of the Proctors’ Memorandum.

4. Executive Committee

4.1 The Executive Committee shall consist of a President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Senior Member shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Committee.

4.2 The Executive Committee shall be elected each year by the secret majority vote of the paid-up members of the OUBS, subject to veto by the Senior Member.

4.3 A member of OUBS may put him/herself forward for any one post. Members of the Executive Committee may stand again.

4.4 The Executive Committee, with the agreement of the Senior Member, may suspend and call for a vote of no confidence in any member(s) of the Executive Committee, if the interests of the member(s) are incompatible with the interests of the OUBS and its membership, and ultimately dismiss the member(s) if the vote of no confidence is carried by the majority of the Executive Committee. The replacement shall be elected by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. This is subject to approval by a majority vote of the OUBS members, including the possibility of voting by proxy.

5. The President

5.1 The President shall be a student of the University of Oxford and current member of the OUBS.

5.2  No person may hold the post of President for more than two consecutive years.

5.3 The President shall not simultaneously hold any other post on the Executive Committee except in a emergency, until as soon as a replacement can be found.

5.4 The President shall have the power to call an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee at short notice, if deemed necessary.

6. Secretary

6.1 The Secretary shall be responsible for all administration, membership, correspondence and other functions, as designated by the Executive Committee.

6.2 The Secretary shall be responsible for convening meetings of the Executive Committee, at the request of any Committee member.

6.3 The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings.

6.4 The Secretary may convene a Secretary's sub-committee to assist him/her, as he/she sees fit.

6.5 The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an up to date invite list.

6.6 The Secretary shall ensure that the O(U)BS members are kept informed of the scheduled events.

7. Treasurer

7.1 The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping up to date accounts for OUBS, collecting membership fees, and maintaining up to date paid-up membership list.

7.2 The Treasurer shall be a co-signatory with the President on all OUBS cheques.

7.3 The Treasurer is responsible for producing a complete annual Report and the Accounts of the Society, which shall be approved by the Executive Committee. Copies of the Report shall be sent to the President and the Secretary.

7.4 The Treasurer, with the approval of the Executive Committee shall be given further responsibilities on any financial or commercial business of OUBS.

7.5 The Treasurer shall be responsible for fund-raising as agreed by the Executive Committee.

8. Sub-committees

8.1 The Executive Committee shall approve the formation of any sub-committee, as required from time to time.

8.2 Any member or non-member of the OUBS shall be eligible to participate in a sub-committee.

8.3 Each sub-committee shall be chaired by a member of the Executive Committee.

9. Meetings of the Executive Committee

9.1 At least one meeting of the full Executive Committee shall be held every term.

9.2 The meetings shall be chaired by the President, and in his/her absence by the Secretary, Treasurer or the Senior Member.

9.3 No non-executive committee member shall attend in the full Executive Committee without unanimous consent from the Executive Committee.

9.4 The quorum for the Executive Committee shall be two.

9.5 Any member of the Executive Committee shall be able to call executive meetings at his/her discretion. A time and place must be agreed by all the members of the Committee within 10 days of the call.

10. Discipline

10.1 The President may reprimand or suspend any member whose actions, behaviour and activities bring the OUBS and the University into disrepute, subject to unanimous approval of the Executive Committee and Senior Member.

10.2 Any suspended member may apply to the Executive Committee for readmission.

10.3 A dismissed member of the Society may appeal within 10 days of dismissal before the Senior Member of the Society.

11. Membership

11.1 Any member of the University may join, provided they are not currently under suspension.

11.2 Non-university members may join subject to individual approval by the Executive Committee and subject to the conditions set out by in the Proctors’  Memorandum.

11.3 There shall be life and annual membership.

11.4 There shall be an annual membership fee and/or life membership fee.

11.5 Honorary membership of the OUBS shall be granted by the Executive Committee subject to approval by the Senior Member.

12. Amendments

12.1 The Constitution may be amended if need be by an unanimous vote of the full Executive Committee, and subject to final approval by the Senior Member and the vote of 2/3 in favour by the OUBS members present.