Historical Discussion

On Saturday, November the 3rd, OUBS organizes the very second of its annual Three Events. The discussion this term was on the topic of economical history, and it was called The long 20th century 1878-2007: Bulgaria's path through the age of extremes. The talk was given by Dr Kiril Kossev, and it was followed by a discussion in which almost all 20 members present at the discussion took part.


Here is the abstract of the talk:

"A latecomer to the modern European family of countries, Bulgaria had to take the express train through the processes that define a moden nation state. Forming political and economic institutions, constructing the nation state amidst the ethnic melting pot of the Balkans, transforming a peasant into an industrial society, were all achieved within the 20th century. Having left one multicultural economic and political area in the 1880s, the Ottoman Empire, in 2007 the modern Bulgarian state finally achieved one of its foreign policy goals since then and joined another such area - the community of industrialised Western European countries.

This is a high level look at the social and economic changes that occurred over the history of the modern Bulgarian state aimed at showing that comparisons across time over the long run can be useful in placing the present state of affairs in context.

Kiril Kossev completed a PhD in Economic History at Nuffield College, Oxford, having previously studied Economics and History at Hertford College. He generally enjoys enlightened debate on almost any topic, especially on economic development, social change, institutional economics, military history, etc.

*Age of Extremes is used by Eric Hobsbawm to describe the 20th century in his book of the same name."

The talk was given in Lady Brodie Room, St Hilda's college, starting at 4:30pm. Over tea and biscuits, it continued longer than expected, and was only over once we had to vacate the room. We are very happy that the event was met with such an interest - let us wish ourselves the same thing for our future discussions as well.

Photos of the event thanks to Mihail Hurmuzov.