The Three Events


Oxford University Bulgarian Society is now officially establishing a campaign of organizing talks and discussions on topics of History, Culture, and Politics once per term, making a total of three events per academic year. What will come to be known as OUBS's Three Events will take place each year around November 1 in Michaelmas, March 1 in Hilary, and May 24 in Trinity. Each of the counterparts will be an opportunity for members of the Society to engage in conversation on these meaningful topics, to share, discuss, and come up with valuable ideas.

The beginning of what will hopefully become a tradition was set up with the celebration of May 24 in TT'12. The next event to look forward to is the celebration of November 1.


New Committee is Here

Welcome back to Oxford in Hilary term! Today, the 15th of January, the new committee officially took over. The new and old committees gathered together in order experience and advice to be handed down, ideas to be exchanged, and a nice picture of us to be taken: you can see here from left to right standing: Lubo, Bisi, and Deyan (the ex-committee), and the new committee sitting on the bench: Nickola, Diana (me), and Kameliya. Wish us good luck!


Photos from the Rhodopes

Some amazing photos from the Rhodopes in Bulgaria. Link here.

Obituary for Tom Karkinsky

It is with great sadness that we would like to share the terrible news that our cherished friend, Tom Karkinsky, passed away on 30th Dec 2010. Tom was a cheerful and active member of our Society, before he fell ill with leukaemia a year-and-a-half-ago.

Teach for Bulgaria

This Thursday we are trying something new. There will be a presentation by Teach for Bulgaria (Заедно в Час) along our regular drinks. We will start in Nuffield College at 5.30pm, then there will be a short presentation by the Executive Director of the programme (starting at around 6pm), followed by more drinks, informal Q&A and hopefully later on we will all move to one of the local pubs for some nice chat. Do come along as this promises to be a really interesting evening. It will be great if we have a good turnup, so please do come along - I am sure you want to! More details on the venue will follow later on in the week.

Talk by Dr Venelin Ganev

Dr Venelin Ganev will be speaking on ‘The Paradox of Political Openings. Democratization and the Crisis of Stateness in Postcommunism’. The seminar takes place this Wednesday, 27 October, at the European Studies Centre of St Antony’s College, 70 Woodstock Road, Oxford at 5 pm.

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