Historical Discussion

On Saturday, November the 3rd, OUBS organizes the very second of its annual Three Events. The discussion this term was on the topic of economical history, and it was called The long 20th century 1878-2007: Bulgaria's path through the age of extremes. The talk was given by Dr Kiril Kossev, and it was followed by a discussion in which almost all 20 members present at the discussion took part.

Belote Tournament

On Saturday, November the 3rd, we held the very first formal belote tournament. Six pairs participated, challenging each other for the grand prize. Victor Valchev and Daniel Dobrev won the first place, and Momchil Konstantinov and Ivan Penchev became the first runner ups. We hope they enjoyed their prizes and will use them wisely, hopefully to improve their performance at the next tournament.

Freshers' Drinks MT'12

Oxford University Bulgarian Society put a start of the academic year with what has now become the traditional OUBS Freshers' Drinks. On the evening of Friday of first week the Sainsbury Common Room (Worcester College) once again abounded with people as we welcomed new members to the society and of course met many old friends as well.

This year the event was kindly sponsored by Bistra Yordanova and Lubomir Atanassov, both former committee members who graduated Oxford in TT'12. It is to them we have to thank for the wonderful drinks and nibbles, and overall support to our society they provide even after their leaving Oxford. Let us hope that all of us will follow in their example after graduation!

Thanks everyone for coming, and we hope to see most of you in our future events as well!

The Three Events


Oxford University Bulgarian Society is now officially establishing a campaign of organizing talks and discussions on topics of History, Culture, and Politics once per term, making a total of three events per academic year. What will come to be known as OUBS's Three Events will take place each year around November 1 in Michaelmas, March 1 in Hilary, and May 24 in Trinity. Each of the counterparts will be an opportunity for members of the Society to engage in conversation on these meaningful topics, to share, discuss, and come up with valuable ideas.

The beginning of what will hopefully become a tradition was set up with the celebration of May 24 in TT'12. The next event to look forward to is the celebration of November 1.


May 24, TT'12


Held on May 24, Trinity Term 2012, Celebrating the Cyrillic Script was the very first of a series of events that OUBS plans to organize each term. The Trinity Term counterpart of OUBS's Three Events was this year organized right on the Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day.

The event was held in Lady Brodie Room, St Hilda's College, and was attended by a somewhat unusually high for this busy time of academic year number of people. With a talk, given by Ivan Bonchev (one of OUBS's members), followed by a discussion over a glass of wine, the event was very much enjoyed.

As with each of the annual Three Events, the aim of the celebration was to bring forward a discussion of important cultural and historical issues, in this case - related to the invention and the importance of the Cyrillic script. The event's invitation and the talks's abstract are copied below.


On May 24th Bulgarian people celebrate the "Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day". Known also as "Saints Cyril and Methodius, Slavonic Enlighteners' Day", or simply as "Slavonic Literature and Culture Day", this day is celebrated by Macedonian, Slovak, Czech, and Russian people as well.

In 9th century AD, the two brothers Cyril and Methodius created the Glagolitic alphabet, which was developed during 10th century AD in the First Bulgarian Empire to become what is now one of the most widely used writing systems on the globe - the Cyrillic script.

Come and join Oxford University Bulgarian Society in a celebration of an invention of great importance, which as every writing system, had its immense and profound influence on Slavonic literature and culture in general.

The celebration will start with a talk, given by our very own Ivan Bonchev, and will be followed by a discussion over a glass of wine. The event is completely free, and everyone is welcome! (especially Polish people - just see what you are missing!)

See you on May 24th, 6pm, Lady Brodie Room, St Hilda's College!

Abstract: In a few days it will be May 24th - Day of the Bulgarian Education and Culture, and the Slavonic Script. Why do we celebrate this day - we all know the story as it is presented in the textbooks, but to what extent is it reliable? What are the historical facts and what can they tell us? What was the Bulgarian culture before and after the ninth century? How did we contribute by accepting, developing, and distributing the Slavonic script to other nations? These and many other questions will be discussed. I hope to get a good talk and to make a new interpretation of the Bulgarian history as well.

New Committee is Here

Welcome back to Oxford in Hilary term! Today, the 15th of January, the new committee officially took over. The new and old committees gathered together in order experience and advice to be handed down, ideas to be exchanged, and a nice picture of us to be taken: you can see here from left to right standing: Lubo, Bisi, and Deyan (the ex-committee), and the new committee sitting on the bench: Nickola, Diana (me), and Kameliya. Wish us good luck!


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